How to Register as a Home Baker?

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How to Register as a Home Baker?

[embed][/embed]   Home Baker Registration: Go to Click on “Register as a Baker” (top right side of the page). You will be directed to “Information” section of the baker registration page. Enter the below details. All the fields are mandatory. We've listed a few examples for each of the fields. Home bakery name: Enter the name of your “home bakery” brand or company. Eg. “DoughGirl”. Read More


Home Baker Registration:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Register as a Baker” (top right side of the page).
  • You will be directed to “Information” section of the baker registration page.
  • Enter the below details. All the fields are mandatory. We've listed a few examples for each of the fields.
  • Home bakery name: Enter the name of your “home bakery” brand or company. Eg. “DoughGirl”.
  • Home baker name: Enter the full name of the “baker” who is running the bakery. Eg. “Anjana Lath”.
  • Contact number: Enter the mobile or landline number of either you (the baker) or your bakery shop in the specified format. Eg. +91 90000 00000.
  • Contact email address: Enter the email address of either you (the baker) or your bakery shop. Eg.
  • Website/fb/insta link: Enter the website address or facebook page or instagram page of either you (the baker) or your bakery shop. Eg.
  • Bakery Address: Enter your bakery's address (it could be your home address if you're a home baker). Please select Country, State and City from the drop down options.
  • Find on map: Once you start typing your bakery's address (it could be your home address if you're a home baker), you'll see a list of addresses in the drop down. Please select your address from the drop down. Alternatively, you can click on "Locate Me" to see your address on the map. It will work if you're present in that address. If you dont see the red colour pointer on the map on your address, then move the pointer manually to your location. Once the pointer is on your address on the map, click on "Set Location On Map". This is the most important field, so that the customers in your proximity could order based on your address.
  • Delivery Arrangement: Select "Delivery", if self delivering or "Pickup" or "Delivery & Pickup" if both are convenient for you.
  • Maximum orders in a week: Select maximum orders you would like to accept based on your capacity.
  • Diet Filter: Select "Diet filters" based on your baking choice.
  • Once all the above mentioned details are duly filled, select the checkbox for terms and conditions and click on "Next" button. You'll now receive an email with your account login and password. Wait until you receive your user id and password. Don't forget to check the spam folder in your mailbox for the email.
  • Once you receive an email, your account is successfully registered. You can now visit your page by visiting:<your home bakery name>. You can also now customise your bakery and add products under a range of categories

Baker Login:

  • Once you receive an email with user id and password, you can login to your account by clikcing on "My Account" and entering your ID and password. Once you login, you reach your personalized baker page from where you can manage your bkery shop and run your show.
  • On the left you find a range of options to set your account according to your needs. The below mentioned options are available for you to make your life easy:
    • Dashboard
    • Account Settings
    • Product Builder
    • Orders
    • Reviews
    • Withdrawals
    • Earnings
    • Statements
    • Change Password
    • Sign Out
  • To begin with, please change your password to something you remember by clicking on "Chnage Password". Once you change your password, you need to worth with the below two sections to update your home baker profile and add the bakery products (Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, etc.):
    • Account Settings
    • Product Builder

Account Settings

  • There are three tabs in this section and all the tabs are important to update one by one.
    • Bakery Settings
    • Location/Map
    • Bakery Open/Close
Bakery Settings:
    • You can set your logo to give yourself an identity on your bakery page.
    • You can add your personal information so that your customers get to know you better.
    • You can set your:
      • Bakery name
      • Manager Name - It can be your name or your manager's name if you've one
      • Manager Contact phone - It can be your contact number or your manager's if you've one
      • Contact Email
      • Website/fb/insta link - You've already set this during registration
      • Information - Enter a brief description of your home bakery. This will be displayed on your bakery page's banner
      • Delivery/Pickup - You've already set this during registration but can amend this at any time.
      • Max distance covered for delivery - Select the maximum distance you would like to set up for delivery
      • Max orders in Week
      • Minimum Delivery Order
      • Maximum Delivery Order
      • Minimum Pickup Order
      • Maximum Pickup Order
      • Delivery Fee - Enter the amount you'd like to charge
      • Disable Cash on Delivery - Right now you can't disable this option
      • Diet filter - Select the diet filters (Egg, Eggless, Sugar free, Gluten free) from the drop down
    • Once you set these basic informations, you should save your settings
    • Ensure your address and location is correctly updated in this section.
Bakery Open/Close:
    • It is very important to mark your bakery open/close according to your schedule. Users will not be able to order from your bakery if your bakery is incorrect marked close.

Product Builder

  • Within product builder section, you have two sub-sections:
    1. Product Categories
    2. Bakery Items

Product Category: You can add the categories that you deals with.

  • Click on “Add Product Category”.
  • Add “Menu Name” and “Description”.
  • Click on “Save your settings”
Bakery Items
  • You can choose your menu name and write a pretty description,just what you want your customers to know. You can find an easy drop down option to help you out too.
  • In the Bakery items section, you can select your product category, set a title for the same and price.
  • There is also an option available to set the weight of the product, the tiers and the number of days that will go into its preparation.
  • Pictures are most important to give your customers a clear image of what they are ordering, so you can put multiple pictures to attract them.
  • Picture size can’t be more than 250KB. So, before trying to upload the product picture, ensure that you have the correct size. You can use free apps to reduce the picture size.
  • You can also categorise your items based on the occasions and the nutritional information, so that the customers can use filter to buy your product.
  • The Description section has to be carefully updated with below info:
    • Item Description (Example theme, box of x items, etc)
    • Ingredients/Allergies.
  • Please remember there is a character limit of 160 characters for updating the “Description”.
  • Once you have set everything, you can save the information and there you have it all!
  • For the rest of the options, you can view your history and summary by just clicking on the option and every information that you want will be available.


  • Teja
    Reply November 27, 2018 6:09 pm

    Home Baker

  • Kshitija Bulbule
    Reply April 21, 2019 7:48 am

    I registered myself on how to post about my cakesart

  • Bijilesh
    Reply July 2, 2019 2:44 pm

    I am a chef I think I will start a home made cake bussiness

    Reply October 10, 2019 12:40 pm

    Hii ,I have completed all the registration process. But people are not able to found my profile on home bakers.
    Pls help me out.

  • Zeba Sheikh
    Reply October 21, 2019 6:37 pm

    I m only a home baker . I want my own business .

  • Zeba Sheikh
    Reply October 21, 2019 6:40 pm

    Hello . .. i m an Housewife… Making cakes at home.. i really want to be a cake amd pastry chef .

  • Sumaiyya
    Reply November 13, 2019 6:19 pm

    I have done 6months egg less bakery and confectionery course and know iam home Baker

  • Ria Thakore
    Reply January 15, 2020 12:33 pm

    I am home baker making chocolates, desserts and more. Can I register on even if i have not registered my company or no license?

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