Month: November 2018

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Launch of HomeBakers.co.in

Official Press Release, By Rima Chakraborty, 24 November 2018 HomeBakers.co.in announces the launch of a marketplace for consumers and home bakers! Homebakers.co.in announced the launch of its website in the first bakers meet “The Great Hyderabad Bake Show” organised in Hyderabad on 24th November 2018. The event was the first and the biggest event of...

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The first milestone!

Crumbs and crickey! Well, it was not just any regular day at homebakers.co.in. Today was the first day we all realised hard work and sheer dedication do pay off. Okay fine! I will stop beating around the bush and break the suspense here. Today, the 26th day of November 2018, homebakers.co.in received its first ever...

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The Great Hyderabad Bake Show 2018

Official Press Release, By Rima Chakraborty, 18 November 2018 HomeBakers.co.in announces its first edition of ‘The Great Hyderabad Bake Show’ The twin city’s 100 keenest home bakers will soon get the chance to meet the country’s top Cake Masters, Masterchef finalists, baking brands, fellow bakers & enter a Telangana theme cake competition. HomeBakers.co.in, is holding...

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How to Register as a Home Baker?

One of the best cities in India to experience a variety of dishes is apni Dilli aka Delhi. In this article, we take you through

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