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How to Use Fondant and Gum Paste in the Monsoon

How to Use Fondant and Gum Paste in the Monsoon

Most of us love the rainy season. It brings some reprieve from the heat of the summer, which is unbearable in many parts of India. It’s also the perfect time for some chai and snacks, and it’s an overall winner for many. But bakers dread this season because of how fondant, gum paste, and other...

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Versatile Sugar Pastes

Sugar Paste: Types and How to Use

It is quarantine time and there is no better way to spend the days than engaging in some fun baking activities. At homebakers.co.in, we are doing our part to keep the baking community connected and engaged virtually by demonstrating to our baker friends the best methods to make their confectionaries stand out. Recently we hosted...

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Chat with Arati Mirji, Cake Masters Magazine Award Winner 2018

– By Rima Chakraborty At the onset, being a home baker seems like a pretty simple and sweet job. From inventing new designs or desserts to trying or testing new ingredients, they do it all every day with 100% dedication and love. It’s not all fondant, crepes, and crème brulée. So, to cut it short,...

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