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Baking Raw Materials

Hello Home Bakers,

Just like our consumers cannot survive without your super yum and pretty cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other baked goods, you cannot survive without certain high quality baking essentials, can you? To help you choose the top quality baking raw material brands and suppliers in India, we're going to list a few of them along with any special offers or discounts. Hope you find it useful.

Baking Raw Materials Brands and Suppliers


THE FLAVOUR ALCHEMIST! Ossoro was born from a quest for culinary perfection - the heart of which is in the flavour of the food. They've curated and created only the very best, so in each of their bottles is a lifetime of perfecting the right balance for the finest drops of essence masterfully crafted by our Flavour Alchemists….so you can add that elusive touch of artisanal quality to the cake you create at home. Get 10% discount when you shop on www.Ossoro.com using the promo code “Ossoro10”.

Van Houten Professional

Van Houten Professional is a very traditional European brand. Van Houten Professional was established by Mr Van Houten who is famous for creating the cocoa press, dutching process. The brand holds a legacy of over 180 years in cocoa and chocolate making. In 2018 Barry Callebaut launched the Van Houten Professional brand in India to meet the highest expectations of bakers and pastry chefs.

Confect Fondant

Confect is India’s first chef based Fondant. It is 100% vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free and nut free fondant. It is a premium quality, non-stick icing which may be rolled out by hand using a rolling pin or by a mechanical sheeter. Confect Fondant can be used to cover cakes, create figurines, toppers or any other decorations for cakes.

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