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The Homebakers

Hi, welcome To HomeBakers.co.in

Homebaker.co.in is trying to carve its way to become a trusted destination for home-bakers of all levels to learn, be inspired, share their enthusiasm for baking and allow their lovers to get their desired cakes hassle-free. Home to the best recipes, content, tips and tools and of course a platform for all of us cake lovers to buy from our favourite home bakers; we bring baking to life in everything we do.

Along with a platform to showcase the baking talent of local home-bakers and giving them an opportunity to create presence and demand for their talent, we want to create, educate and inspire our readers to become the best baker they can be. That is why we never show you a cake without helping you make it, reveal a product without a recipe, or recommend anything that doesn’t make you and your baking better. This revolutionary platform is a small step taken to help the world see what you truly are capable of.

So, for all those people who want to channel away their stress or are hopelessly addicted to sprinkles, buttercream, cheesecakes, homebaker.co.in is where you belong.

Why and how were we born?

Local bakers had/have a hard time looking out for clients. The plain reason for that is lack of network. We faced the same scenario and decided to ask a few more fellow local home based bakers in Hyderabad if they did too. To our surprise, the problem was common and there was no existing solution to it. So, we went on a mission to look for a solution and execute it. That is where homebaker.co.in was born. It is our tiny step into giving all cake lovers a common platform to get to know each other, develop a bond and grow mutually.

The team behind HomeBakers.co.in

HomeBakers.co.in is founded by Anjana Lath and Anuradha Lath.

Anjana is a resident baker, blogger, trainer, wife, and the mother behind homebakers.co.in. She started her journey as a stock broker. But very soon she realized that her culinary skills were something she wanted to share with the world. And that is exactly when her journey as a home-baker started. She started her own culinary classes “Let’s cook with Anjana” and bakery doughgirl.in. She is fully supported by her daughter and her husband, who moonlights as a delivery boy for DoughGirl. He also stocks up the supplies and brings life to the cakes by clicking amazing photographs that she bakes.

We hope you find our website delicious, inviting and fun because let’s face it; eating is the ultimate hobby!


Meet Our Team


Anjana Lath

An MBA with 7 years of experience as a stock broker, food blogger, award-winning chef, a home baker and a mother.


Anuradha Kambi

A management consultant with 14+ years of experience in banking & financial services. My son's love for cakes brought me closer to the baking world.

Join Us

We’re a small but growing team. If you’d like to join our cause, team or partner with us, we’d love hearing from you. Drop an email to info@homebakers.co.in. We’d also love to know what you think of our website and what we can do to serve you better.

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