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Faqs For Customers

We are a one stop shop for your dessert emergencies. We provide a marketplace where you can order delicious cakes online and get them hand-delivered at your doorstep.
The very first step is to visit our cake ordering page and enter the recipient's address (eg: Hitech city) in the search box. This will return all of the cakes & treats that can be delivered to the area you selected. Then simply choose a cake & treats, add it to your basket and checkout. Once payment has been received, your order will be sent to the baker and they’ll begin baking your cake.
We make sure each delivery or take out is a special one and that is why each cake & treats is delivered in a beautiful box and includes a list of ingredients and a card that can be personalised with your message for your loved ones.
It is a very simple step. Just look for a SIGN UP option on the top right corner and all you need to enter there are your USERNAME, DISPLAY NAME and Email ID. Once that’s done, you are registered in our system and you can enjoy yum desserts which will be just a click away.
Well, the bakers will definitely try their best to match the photo as closely as possible however, we cannot guarantee that it will look exactly the same as all these cakes are handmade. But, they are going to be really delicious, that’s a promise!.
You can enter your area, eg: Hitech city and all the nearby bakers will appear on your search list. You can also set a radius within which we try and find you bakers for hassle free and quick deliveries.
Well we have a range of jar desserts, cakes, sweets, cupcakes, donuts, cookies and I can keep going on! Everything is super yum and I can totally vouch for that.
Yes. We do have theme based desserts available at our platform. You can order desserts for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers and so on.
We have a section on our homepage where you can find the most popular bakers in town based on the customers views and ratings. It makes the job easier!
The prices are based on the size, design, flavour, ingredients, delivery arrangement, diet component and other aspects of the cakes which differ from cake to cake.
We certainly do! Hombakers.co.in has a special section for you where you can choose your cake based on your diet. Many of our bakers can adapt their cakes to suit just about any dietary requirements.
Absolutely! You can order by selecting flower from flowers section with your cake order (whether you make it online or on call) and also order special add-on like chocolates if it's a loved one's birthday or anniversary or if it's the Valentine's Day.
Yes, you can! You can get a custom-made cake according to your preferences and needs according to the flavor, size, and decoration provided you inform us well in advance. Email us at info@homebakers.co.in for custom cake requests.
Absolutely! We value any and all needs of our customers and you can simply let us know beforehand with a special request with your order and we will make sure that you get a thorough list of ingredients with your order.
Yes, you are very welcome to place large orders for bigger and grander events. We would absolutely love to help you out with your any and all requirements and as mentioned above, you can simply contact us through our website for such orders and we would be delighted to get back to you as soon as possible.
No, not at all. Each and every dessert available on homebakers.co.in are baked with fresh produce and the best ingredients possible. Our special team of bakers are curated especially for you so that you not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but also stay fit and healthy. We take great delight and pride in producing some of the best cakes in Hyderabad and customer satisfaction is our only mantra. You are bound to be satisfied with our wide range of cakes on offer in a plethora of different flavors and if at any moment you come across something that you do not like or are not satisfied with, we can always replace it for you. Yes, absolutely! All our cakes are freshly baked to order and we ensure that the order reaches our customers in a timely fashion. We also make express deliveries and deliver orders within just a few hours in the case of urgent requirements.
We work throughout the week and we make express deliveries right at your doorstep too so that if you have gotten late to order a cake from our website, you do not have to worry because we will make the delivery within the same day.
Many of the bakers do deliver on Sundays, but weekends are a very busy time and therefore we would suggest you book any weekend deliveries with as much notice as possible.
All orders must be placed a minimum of two days ahead in order to give the baker enough time to bake your cake. The sooner you order, the more time the baker has to prepare. Some items will require more time to create, and this will be displayed on the product listing. Should you require your cake to be delivered sooner, please contact Hombakers.co.in and we'll endeavour to contact the baker and discuss your preferred delivery date.
This can vary from baker to baker, depending on their location or miscellaneous expenses. An average of INR 200 can be charged for home deliveries.
The site shows the actual price you'll pay. There are no additional charges for delivery unless the baker has attempted to deliver the cake a second time and has been unable to do so.
If for some reason you are not happy with your order, you can simply visit our website and mention the order number through the contact form you’ll see there. You can also state your query or problem with the order and we’ll make sure to replace your order with another one as soon as possible.
If you receive a faulty product, we will ask that you return it to us the same day with the proper receipt. You can also get in touch with our customer services team that will quickly resolve any issues that you might have.
Refunds are issued only if it has been clearly established that the mistake made was on the part of the company or maybe during the delivery process. Any and all actions that resulted from your own product misuse or personalization of the product would result in a non-refund. You can check out our terms and conditions page for more information regarding the same.
We accept cash on delivery as well as online payments (via online wallets as well as debit/credit cards.
Your payments and credit/debit card details are totally safe through safe and secure payment gateways and you can pay through a card and rest easy.

Faqs For Bakers

HomeBakers.co.in is a marketplace where consumers can buy freshly baked delicious cakes, cup cakes or chocolates treats (including vegan, egg-less and diabetic free), directly from local home bakers and pick up or get it hand-delivered about anywhere. It’ll start with recipes that are carefully crafted from scratch and a design that perfectly reflects your requirements.
We work in three simple steps:

(1) Search: Select location for delivery, choose the type of bakery product and click on search.

(2) Select and Pay: Select your product from a home baker, pay online and place your order

(3) Delivery: Pick up your freshly baked order or get it hand delivered.

Each cake or treat is packaged carefully and delivered in a box or appropriate container for your loved ones. The package can either be delivered by the baker to the customer or customer can hand pick the product from Baker’s place.
Shipping charges can be charged by baker separately in case the product is delivered by the baker. Baker need to set a standard delivery charge which can’t vary based upon product size and distance.
You can expect your complaint or query to be addressed within 24 hours and if you could perhaps send an image with your complaint, that will help us get through to your query and resolve it more quickly and in a more efficient manner.

Currently, till any further notice we are just working on cash on delivery model.
You can visit our website www.homebakers.co.in. You can mail us at info@homebakers.co.in.
We are looking to recruit bakers across the country to join Homebakers.co.in. Bakers will receive admin access to the website, have their own dedicated ‘bakery page’ created where they can add and get their range of products displayed to give the customer the wide range of choice. As a Baker on Homebakers.co.in, you will be able to:

- set your bakery location

- upload photos (max of 5) of your own products

- choose the minimum product preparation/delivery days

- price the product that you want to charge

- select the radius in kms that you are happy to deliver

- set the minimum and maximum order value for both delivery and pick up

For a period of six months from the date of joining our website, we offer to join our website free of charge. This offer will allow bakers to see the benefits of wider customer base. After six months, in case of any charge, we will notify our bakers accordingly, at least 1 month in advance.
For the initial three months from the date of joining our website, we are not charging any costs to our bakers.

Thereafter, 18% from each sale will be retained by Homebakers.co.in to cover operating costs. Therefore, bakers are to decide on the price of the cake, based on what a baker needs to earn + 18% + Rs. x for delivery. ( For instance - a baker requires Rs 10 per cupcake (Rs 60 for 6) + 18% (Rs. 10.8) + Rs 2 delivery). So, the total cost of 6 cupcakes would show on site as Rs. 72.80.

For the initial three months from the date of joining our website, bakers will be directly getting paid by the customers and Homebakers.co.in will not retain any payments. Thereafter, the payments to bakers will be settled on a weekly basis. Homebakers.co.in will cover all the costs of debit card and credit card and Paypal charges. All bank details are held securely within our accounts software.
Yes, our site provides you an option to show yourself as available or not available to suit your other commitments and family life. You can amend your personal profile to indicate holidays, days you do not wish to receive orders or if you are too busy to take on additional work. The amount you work is up to you.
Bakers can directly speak to customers to set the delivery or pick up time.
No, there is no such predefined list and bakers are allowed to bake as per own interest area and expertise. It’s about giving the customer the largest selection in your delivery area.
There is no such limit. So, go ahead and start adding your products.
This is completely on bakers. Bakers while adding a product and defined minimum day to prepare the product. In case the customer is placing the order after 3 pm, bakers will get an additional day of notice. For the customized requirements from customers, the delivery time can be set accordingly.
Each order is processed online- an email is sent to the baker with full order details, delivery details and any specific requirements. The baker has 2 hours to confirm they are able to accept the order. Though, we would prefer all orders to be fulfilled, but appreciate there maybe ‘odd’ occasions if unavailable and would wish bakers to communicate to customers as quickly as possible if there is a problem.
Bakers will be charged a penalty of at least 50% of the order value on such cases.
it is suggested that bakers pre-arrange time with buyers, as the recipient details will have been emailed to you.
We request (but not mandate) all of our bakers to get a food license for their bakery business. We are happy to support anyone through this process- please email us direct to: info@homebakers.co.in and we can help guide you through.
Take a look at the site www.homebakers.co.in and input your area to see what bakers are showing or listed in your area and the types of products/prices they are advertising. When you are feeling ready and fully informed, go to the next steps. If you still have questions, contact us on info@homebakers.co.in as we have tried to answer most questions that we have received, but we’re here to help!
Once again, thank you for your interest in our site and we hope you would like to join homebakers.co.in. If you are interested in joining us please follow this link for the sign-up procedure.


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