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Baking Flavours & Extracts

Baking & Cooking Flavours 101

As bakers, whether hobby bakers or professionals, we all like to experiment with different cake flavours. While there are quite a few ways to add it to your cakes, the most used and accessible is readymade flavour & extracts. There are many available in the market, and it might seem overwhelming to someone who has...

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Chat with Sulakshan, The Founder of Ossoro

Meet Sulakshan, the man behind “Ossoro”. Ossoro is a premium food flavour brand indigenously developed in India and offers the best in taste experience. They offer concentrates of unique and exotic flavours and not the standard vanilla, strawberry or mango. It is a brainchild of Sulakshan Parameswaran, an Ex-Investment Banker who comes from a family...

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