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Baked Yoghurt

MILKMAID Recipe: Baked Yoghurt by Chef Bhakti Arora

Preparation Time – 10 mins Baking Time – 25 mins Number Of Servings – 6   Baked Yoghurt with Fresh Mangoes This recipe is for baked yoghurt, which may sound new to many. This is a very easy to make dessert which you can customize with seasonal ingredients or put a unique spin on it...

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Apple Crumble Bars

MILKMAID Recipe: Apple Crumble Bars by Smita Dugar

Preparation Time – 15 mins Baking Time – 30 mins Number Of Servings – 10 – 12   Apple Crumble Bars A crumble is essentially like a pie but a little more rustic – it usually comprises of flour and butter which forms the basic base, and can be elevated by adding other ingredients and...

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