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Recipe: Croutons by Bhavika M

By Akhileshwari Anand Raj Preparation Time – 10 mins Baking Time – 15 mins Number Of Servings – 2-4 people   A crouton, colloquially referred to as a “crout,” is a piece of sautéed or rebaked bread, often cubed and seasoned, that is used to add texture and flavor to salads—notably the Caesar salad—as an...

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Recipe: French bread by Bhavika M

By Akhileshwari Anand Raj Preparation Time – 60 mins Baking Time – 25 mins Number Of Servings – 2-4   This recipe is by Bhavika, who is a home baker and recipe developer. She believes that it is important to understand what are the ingredients which are going to be used. She develops recipes from...

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Recipe – How to Make Homemade Marshmallows

by Akhileshwari Anand Raj   Marshmallows are universally liked, right from little kids to adults. Homemade marshmallows make this fluffy sweet treat to the next level! It is like biting into a cloud of sweetness, and you can flavour and sweeten it as you like. Homemade goodies are always a touch better than store-bought, and...

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A Crash Course on Social Media for Bakers

by Akhileshwari Anand Raj   Social media is the ‘new’ medium of communication. As a home baker, you can use this tool to boost your business. This is optimal in an era where managing one’s digital presence has become essential. In recent times, there has been a massive increase in both accessibility and variety of...

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Holi Cakes

Cakes to Order this Holi for a Sweeter Celebration

by Akhileshwari Anand Raj Holi is a widely celebrated festival in India, with children and adults alike out on the streets! With the festival of colours approaching, we know that you would want to celebrate with some sweet treats. This festival is known for a lot of its delicacies, typically available only in February and...

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Women Baking Entrepreneurs: Government Schemes

by Akhileshwari Anand Raj   With the rise of the home baking industry across India, we have seen more and more women engaging in business activities. This includes homemakers who have a business or women who pursue it as a side hustle. Overall, baking has been a truly empowering sector for women. The popularity of...

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Home Baker Stories – Pinkle Sachdev

– By Akhileshwari Anand Raj   Pinkle Sachdev is a Hyderabad based home baker, and her venture is Pinklucious Baker. She specializes exclusively in eggless goodies. She generally stays away from using fondant in her cakes and tries to use white chocolate coloured ganache instead wherever possible. Her endeavour is to bake cakes and other...

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pooja lakhotia

Chat with Pooja Lakhotia

-By Akhileshwari Anand Raj   Pooja Lakhotia is the founder of Choc-O-Lock Culinary Art. She runs exclusively eggless baking workshops and teaches various goodies. These include cakes, souffles, puddings, brownies, and even loaves of bread and doughnuts. She is one of the many women who successfully run their business while raising their children, and this...

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Chat with Arati Mirji, Cake Masters Magazine Award Winner 2018

– By Rima Chakraborty At the onset, being a home baker seems like a pretty simple and sweet job. From inventing new designs or desserts to trying or testing new ingredients, they do it all every day with 100% dedication and love. It’s not all fondant, crepes, and crème brulée. So, to cut it short,...

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The first milestone!

Crumbs and crickey! Well, it was not just any regular day at homebakers.co.in. Today was the first day we all realised hard work and sheer dedication do pay off. Okay fine! I will stop beating around the bush and break the suspense here. Today, the 26th day of November 2018, homebakers.co.in received its first ever...

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How to Register as a Home Baker?

One of the best cities in India to experience a variety of dishes is apni Dilli aka Delhi. In this article, we take you through

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