Month: February 2019

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Chat with Arati Mirji, Cake Masters Magazine Award Winner 2018

– By Rima Chakraborty At the onset, being a home baker seems like a pretty simple and sweet job. From inventing new designs or desserts to trying or testing new ingredients, they do it all every day with 100% dedication and love. It’s not all fondant, crepes, and crème brulée. So, to cut it short,...

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Chat with Radha Dhaka, A Cake Master 2018

– By Rima Chakraborty When I first Ms. Radha Dhaka, owner at La Petite Meringue, one of the top 10 cake artists in India and sculptor, I thought she was the Stacy DeNovo from The Princess Switch, who was the most talented baker in town and won the most prestigious baking competition in the Kingdom...

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The Great Bengaluru Bake Show 2019 – After event wrap up

Official press release by – Rima Chakraborty   Let me be honest, when you are working with something as tempting as cakes, it gets so simple to build a crispy and colourful after event wrap up. The Great Bengaluru Bake Show held on 26th January 2019 was the first and the biggest event of its...

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