Month: April 2020

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Baking Flavours & Extracts

Baking & Cooking Flavours 101

As bakers, whether hobby bakers or professionals, we all like to experiment with different cake flavours. While there are quite a few ways to add it to your cakes, the most used and accessible is readymade flavour & extracts. There are many available in the market, and it might seem overwhelming to someone who has...

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Aashu Shah Edible Cake Lace

Recipe: Edible Lace by Aashu Shah

By Akhileshwari Anand Raj   The caking world has grown from simple fondant structures to making intricate edible cake decoration. There are many ways a baker can use edible cake decorations to make it occasion specific and give it an overall boost in appearance. A trend that has quickly caught on is using edible lace...

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Spinach Filo Cups Recipe

Recipe – Spinach Filo Cups

Looking out for easy appetizer recipes? Try this simple and easy to make homemade Spinach Filo Cups recipe by Chef Arvind Prasad. This is a traditional and authentic eggless fresh spinach greek appetizer. You can either serve them hot or cold with a nice cup of Masala Chai. Chef Arvind is the founder and director...

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In Conversation with Sonia Gupta of AnyBody Can Bake

Homebakers.co.in, in collaboration with Anybody Can Bake, has launched Bakedemy, a 60 day online course for home bakers to learn everything they need to run a successful home bakery! Do visit the site for more details and to hear what top home bakers from across India have to say about our course. Today, we are...

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