Launch of HomeBakers.co.in

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Launch of HomeBakers.co.in


Official Press Release, By Rima Chakraborty, 24 November 2018

HomeBakers.co.in announces the launch of a marketplace for consumers and home bakers!

Homebakers.co.in announced the launch of its website in the first bakers meet “The Great Hyderabad Bake Show” organised in Hyderabad on 24th November 2018. The event was the first and the biggest event of its kind organised by homebakers.co.in with more than 140 local home bakers from the twin city participated in the event. The launch was followed by a cake competition, expert sessions from most renowned bakers of the industry, panel discussions with Cake Masters and Masterchef finalists, and demos from the baking product suppliers relevant to the bakers. Over 30 home bakers from Hyderabad, Secunderabad and other neighboring areas took part in The Great Hyderabad Bake Off cake competition.

Ms Ratnasindhura and Ms Meenakshi Sareen have been crowned this year's joint winner in the fondant section and Mrs Ritu Panigrahi in the non-fondant section. The winners were chosen by some of country’s top Cake Masters and chefs.

Mrs Anjana Lath, co-founder of HomeBakers.co.in said
HomeBakers.co.in is an online marketplace to connect cake buyers to the local home bakers. The website offers consumers a quick and easy access to cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. freshly baked from hundreds of local home bakers.The consumers from any part of the world can view and order the cake from local home bakers which can be hand delivered to their loved ones by the bakers. We’ve chosen Hyderabad as the first city for the launch as I am a local home baker and we’ve some of the country’s best bakers in the city. We are excited about the launch of HomeBakers.co.in.
Ms Anuradha Kambi, another co-founder of HomeBakers.co.in explained that,
Anjana & I saw a simple problem from two sides: As a cake consumer, I saw a lack of an online platform for connecting consumers with home bakers who can supply a freshly baked custom cake in any city in India as per consumer’s needs. And Anjana saw a lack of a similar platform where home bakers like herself can list their product and scale her home based business. We’re on a one way journey to challenge the way home bakers market currently works and are heading towards changing the dynamics of this hugely underserved and unorganised market. The goal is, to make cake buying and selling simple and fair for anyone looking to order a custom hand baked cake for their loved ones in India from anywhere in the world. And it goes without saying, quality of bakers and customer experience will be key for us.

On that note, Team Homebakers.co.in cordially invites you to try this unique platform to order a cake for your loved one in Hyderabad.

For more details, visit https://homebakers.co.in.


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