Month: June 2019

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Rumana Jaseel

Chat with Rumana Jaseel

Rumana Jaseel is India’s one of the top cake artists from Kochi. She runs “Incredible Art” cake studio in Kochi, and conducts workshops and diploma courses, alongside taking custom orders. She also travels within India and even abroad to conduct workshops. In 2015, she has represented India at the Cake Oscars in Birmingham and stood...

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India Bake Show 22 Competition horizontal

India Bake Show 2022 – Cake Competition

    How to register for the India Bake Show Competition? Read the rules for the India Bake Show Competition. Click here to see the rules. Register your entry by clicking on the “Registeration” button Bring your creation to the first day of show – 15th July, 2022. Register NowJavascript on your browser is not...

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The Great India Bake Show 2019

Register NowJavascript on your browser is not enabled. The Great India Bake Show 2019 After the super successful The Great Bake Shows in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kochi & Pune, proudly announces a 3-day “The Great India Bake Show” on July 10-12, being held alongside Bakery Business in Hyderabad in association with Hospitality First. The...

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Chat with Chef Bhakti Arora Manekar

– By Akhileshwari Anand Raj Chef Bhakti Arora Manekar is one who has juggled many roles throughout her life and is best known as MasterChef India’s Season 4 runner up. She has worked as a cake artist, a menu consultant and owns a cafe called Bell Pepper Cafe – which serves European & American food;...

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FSSAI Registration & Licensing for Home Bakers – All You Need to Know

Register NowJavascript on your browser is not enabled. There’s a lot of talk about FSSAI registration for home bakers, but many doubts creep up when we have to understand which one we need to opt for and why FSSAI registration for home bakers is necessary. If your main query is how to get an FSSAI...

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Hima Bindu

Chat with Hima Bindu, Top 10 Cake Artist in India

– By Akhileshwari Anand Raj Ms. Hima Bindu is a renowned cake artist from Bangalore, with a niche in working with modelling chocolate. She has been featured in the Top 10 List of Cake Artists in India by the Cake Masters Magazine, UK in 2018. Her years of experience in baking and modelling chocolate has...

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home baker making a Chocolate cake

Home Baked Cakes vs. Store Bought

– By Akhileshwari Anand Raj One of the biggest pet peeves of any home baker is when a customer asks them why their product is “not as cheap as the one you can buy in a bakery/supermarket.” Many home bakers take personal offence to this, and rightfully so. This post is an aim to help...

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