Month: March 2019

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Natural Food Colouring for Baking

– By Rima Chakraborty With spring just around the corner, all I can think about is the beautiful colours that nature gifts us in all forms. No surprises here, Mother Nature is always at her best as an artist and flaunts some of her best creations that leaves us in awe. Be it flowers such...

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Chat with Subhashini Ramsingh, A Cake Master 2018

– By Rima Chakraborty Ms Subhashini Ramsingh is a renowned cake artist, the winner of Cake Masters India – Top 10 Cake Artists 2018 and the founder of Fondbites, School of Sugar Art. Recently she has launched Fondbites, India’s premium cake decorating magazine. She trains and mentors many bakers all around the world using her...

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Michelle Peris

Chat with Michelle Peris, The Pastry Chef

– By Rima Chakraborty I read something few days back and it goes something like “Dessert is like a feel-good song and the best ones make you dance”. I read that and there’s one person who suddenly popped in my head. I am sure you all know Chef Michelle Karen Peris quite well and her...

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