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Recipe: Tandoori Paneer Pizza by Mounika

Preparation Time – 30 mins BakingTime – 20 – 25 mins Number Of Servings – 4- 6   Tandoori Paneer Pizza is a fusion recipe which brings together the best of Indian flavours on an Italian base. The flavours do not seem at odds with each other. Rather, they melt together to bring a homely...

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Recipe: Parle G Brownies by Sonal

Preparation Time – 15 mins BakingTime – 15 – 20 mins Number Of Servings – 9   This recipe for Parle G brownies is a true throwback to your childhood! While many of us grew up munching on this famous biscuit, we were all introduced to brownies later in life. However, have you ever wondered...

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Recipe: Tutti Frutti Cookies by Sujani

Preparation Time – 15 mins BakingTime – 15 mins Number Of Servings – 16 or more, depending on the shape   Tutti Frutti Cookies are one variation of the umpteen types of cookies that one could bake at home. What makes this special is the rare pairing of tutti frutti with cookies. Tutti frutti is...

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Recipe: Chocolate Orange Brownies by Neha Singla

Preparation Time – 20 mins BakingTime – 20 – 25 mins Number Of Servings – 9   Chocolate Orange Brownies are definitely a more unique way of eating the classic brownie. While chocolate chip and peanut butter might be familiar customizations, orange brings a kick in flavour like no other. Combining these two flavours will...

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Whole-wheat Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Whole-wheat Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

by Akhileshwari Anand Raj   This recipe is one of the winning recipes of the Great Bengaluru Bake Show 2020, in the category of rustic cakes. This recipe is courtesy of Basabi S. The cake is a whole- wheat (maida free) carrot cake which uses strawberries, blueberries and black raisins. The fruits, especially the berries,...

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Recipe: Sponge Cake by Noopur Tikku

Preparation Time – 15 mins BakingTime – 25 – 30 mins Number Of Servings – 8 – 10   This is a recipe of the most important cake you’ll bake – a simple sponge cake. The reason why you could call this important is because it is a cake that can form the base of...

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Recipe: Mango Cherry Cake by Jaya Sangtani

Preparation Time – 15 mins BakingTime – 30 – 40 mins Number Of Servings – 8 – 10   Here is a recipe for a cake combination which is very unlike any other – Mango Cherry Cake! Once you have satisfied your cravings for the usual desserts like sponge cake and brownies, this flavour combination...

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Recipe: Eggless Pancakes by Sheetal

Preparation Time – 15 mins Cooking Time – 15 mins Number Of Servings – 4   This recipe for eggless pancakes is by Sheetal. Here is what she has to say about the recipe! Since childhood, I was always fascinated by a simple dessert from Rajasthan and that was Malpua. My Mom and sisters used...

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Easy Ice Cream

Recipe: Easy Ice Cream by Yukti

Preparation Time – 15 mins Cooling Time – 1 – 2 hours Number Of Servings – 4   This recipe is by Yukti. Here is what she has to say about it! Being quarantined in my in-laws house in Jaipur since the lockdown, I did not have any extraordinary ingredients in my hand. With the...

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Cucumber Cake

Recipe: Cucumber Cake by Nazneen

By Akhileshwari Anand Raj Preparation Time – 20 mins Baking Time – 30 – 35 mins Number Of Servings – 8   Cucumber cake, also known as tavasali, has its origins in the Konkan coast. It is typically found in Goa, but also prominent in Maharashtrian cooking. It is definitely a delicacy specific to the...

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