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butterscotch banana bread

Recipe: Butterscotch Banana Bread by Gwen Lobo

By Akhileshwari Anand Raj Preparation Time – 20 mins Baking Time – 30 mins Number Of Servings – 10 – 12   Butterscotch Banana bread Banana bread is one of the easiest things to bake because you can never go wrong with it! As long as you use overripe bananas, your bread will pack a...

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Amarnath Banana Cupcake

Recipe: Amaranth Banana Cupcakes by Megha Saluja

By Akhileshwari Anand Raj   Preparation Time – 15 mins Baking Time – 20 mins Number Of Servings – 10 – 12   Amaranth seeds are a source of protein and make for a great gluten-free alternative to flour. Simply by roasting these seeds and grinding them, you will have amaranth flour. It is a...

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Black Grapes Cheesecake

Recipe: Black Grapes Cheesecake by Zalak Maheshwari

By Akhileshwari Anand Raj   Preparation Time – 30 mins Baking Time – 20 mins Number Of Servings – 8   Cheesecakes are special in every way. The crumbly crust made of biscuits and the soft cheesecake filling on top make it an adventure to eat. There are so many ways one can make cheesecake,...

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Orange Almond Loaf

Recipe: Orange Almond Loaf by Reena Burrman

By Akhileshwari Anand Raj   Preparation Time – 20 mins Baking Time – 35 mins Number Of Servings – 8   Orange Almond Loaf With everyone getting into baking bread, why not try something sweeter and much easier? Cake loaves are a great tea time snack which everyone can enjoy. Not only is it relatively...

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cover photo

Recipe – How to Make Homemade Marshmallows

by Akhileshwari Anand Raj   Marshmallows are universally liked, right from little kids to adults. Homemade marshmallows make this fluffy sweet treat to the next level! It is like biting into a cloud of sweetness, and you can flavour and sweeten it as you like. Homemade goodies are always a touch better than store-bought, and...

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Eggless Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies

Recipe: Gluten-Free Eggless Brownies by Pinkle Sachdev

By Akhileshwari Anand Raj   As the world has been staying indoors more than ever before, we have all taken to baking more. People who have never baked before are trying their hand at it now. One of the easiest and sought-after desserts is the Chocolate Brownie. Given that many people in India are vegetarian,...

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Versatile Sugar Pastes

Sugar Paste: Types and How to Use

It is quarantine time and there is no better way to spend the days than engaging in some fun baking activities. At, we are doing our part to keep the baking community connected and engaged virtually by demonstrating to our baker friends the best methods to make their confectionaries stand out. Recently we hosted...

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Aashu Shah Edible Cake Lace

Recipe: Edible Lace by Aashu Shah

By Akhileshwari Anand Raj   The caking world has grown from simple fondant structures to making intricate edible cake decoration. There are many ways a baker can use edible cake decorations to make it occasion specific and give it an overall boost in appearance. A trend that has quickly caught on is using edible lace...

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Spinach Filo Cups Recipe

Recipe – Spinach Filo Cups

Looking out for easy appetizer recipes? Try this simple and easy to make homemade Spinach Filo Cups recipe by Chef Arvind Prasad. This is a traditional and authentic eggless fresh spinach greek appetizer. You can either serve them hot or cold with a nice cup of Masala Chai. Chef Arvind is the founder and director...

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