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5 chocolate recipes

5 Chocolate Recipes

5 Chocolicious Recipes - Powered by Mona Lisa and Dezaan India   Siena Panforte by Farida Taher - Powered by Dezaan India Yield: 8 fingers Time: 20-30 mins Tools 6” X 6” Square ring Ingredients 30 gms roasted almonds 30 gms roasted walnuts 30 gms roasted hazelnuts 95 gms organic...
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India Bake Show (Virtual) 2021

India Bake Show (Virtual) 2021 ...

The dates for the India Bake Show Virtual Cake Competition has moved from May 2021 to July 2021. Based on an overwhelming response to our first-ever India Bake Show Virtual Cake Competition in June 2020, we are bringing the second edition of Virtual Cake Competition. Whether you are a home...
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Nutty Buddy Cookies

Recipe: Nutty Buddy Cookies

Nutty Buddy Cookies by Chef Anip Kumar - Powered by NatureFresh Professional Ingredients Refined Flour - 450gm Coconut powder - 50gm Breakfast sugar - 290gm Milk - 50gm Milk powder - 17gm Salt - 2.5gm Nature Fresh Professional (NFP) Lite - 340gm Baking soda - 5gm Baking powder - 10gm...
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Eggless Double Chocolate Muffin

Recipe: Eggless Double Chocolate Muffins

Eggless Double Chocolate Muffins by Chef Shweta Dutta Nath - Powered by Van Houten Professional Ingredients - Eggless Double Chocolate Muffins Butter - 35gm Caster sugar - 40gm Brown sugar - 40gm Mashed Banana - 55gm Vanilla - 1tsp Milk - 47gm Vinegar - 1tsp Flour - 55gm Vanhouten Professional...
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India's Top 100 2020

India’s Top Home Bakers & ...

For the second consecutive year, has revealed India’s & City's Top Home Bakers and The Best Baking Brands for 2020. The Top Home Bakers list helps the consumers find the very best home bakers in their city and India. About 1500 self-nominated Home Bakers from across the country were...
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Eggless Cocoa Pista Biscotti

Recipe: Eggless Cocoa Pista Biscotti

Eggless Cocoa Pista Biscotti by Zulekha Badar - Powered by Van Houten Professional Ingredients Flour - 150 grams Cocoa powder - 25 grams Baking Powder - 1/2th tsp Baking soda - 1/8 tsp Pistachio pieces - 100 grams Unsalted Butter - 45 grams Castor Sugar - 115 grams Orange zest...
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Mississippi Mud Cake

Recipe: Mississippi Mud Cake

Mississippi Mud Cake by Megha Kwatra - Powered by Van Houten Professional Ingredients - Mississippi Mud Cake Water - 400 GMS Butter - 375 GMS Sugar - 525 GMS Refined Flour - 400 GMS Van Houten Cocoa Powder - 48 GMS Baking Soda - 18 GMS Rum - 75 ML...
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Vegan Quiche Recipe

Recipe: Vegan Spinach and Corn ...

Learn How to Make a Vegan Spinach and Corn Quiche - A Recipe by Sonia Gupta - Powered by NatureFresh Professional Ingredients For Shortcrust Nature Fresh Professional Lite (A Special Plant Fat) - 100gm Flour - 150gm Salt - 3gm Cold water - 25gm (if required) Ingredients For Filling Chopped...
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Eggless Apricot Chocolate Cookies

Recipe: Eggless Apricot Chocolate Cookies

Eggless Apricot Chocolate Cookies by Deepali Sawant - Powered by Van Houten Professional Ingredients Plain Flour - 150 GM Van Houten Dark Chocolate 46.5% - 180 GM Baking Powder - 4 GM Van Houten Coco Powder - 95 GM Castor Sugar - 150 GM Vanilla Essence - 1 tsp Unsalted...
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