Online baking course

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Online baking course

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Online baking course

Proficiency: Beginners

Duration: 2 hours

Instructor/Academy: Sonal Garg
  • Course Category: Baking,Bread,Desserts
  • Course Description:

    **What you will get**

    Once you enroll you  will get all the recipe in pdf form


    Link of pre-recorded class of 2 hrs duration will be given


    One hour live session of Q&A after every class


    You can assess the video up to  6 months.


    Full support after class 




    Original fee  6500 rs 

    After discount  4000 rs of full course



    **What you will learn**


    **Tea  cakes **

    (. eggless)...👇


    *Coffee cup

    * Caramel creation

    * Walba cake

    * Almond & walnut streusel

    * Cream cheese pound cake


    Technique  shared:- basic knowledge of different kinds  of oven , discussion on  different flavour 



    **Shot glass& jar dessert**

    Completely vegan 


    You will learn.................

    🍓 Strawberry pannacotta

    🍌 Banoffe pie

    🍮 Tiramisu

    🍷 blueberry cheese cake

    🍸Choco mocha  souffle

      +  One extra recipe to be given 

           ( Mango souffle)


    Technique shared:- perfect temperature , whipping of cream for dessert 





     you will learn ...


    1) Focassia bread 

    2)Corn roll with fillings

    3) Cheese garlic bread

    4) Cinnamon roll

    5 ) Pizza base

    6) Nutella flower

    7) Pizza puff



    Technique shared :- how to knead  the doughand how much ,proofing ,and baking knowledge


    **Brownie **


     You will learn....

    1. Cookie cream brownie

    2. Chocolate  cakey brownie

    3 .Cocomud brownie

    4 .White chocolate brownie

    5. Nutella  brownie


    Technique shared:- how to get perfect brownie , baking time and much more variation






    you will learn:


    • innovative designs for Cakesicles 

    •  creative looks for dome cakes

    • 2 methods of making     cakesicles

     *eggless cake and frosting  recipe


    Technique shared :- with recipe you will learn moulding ,and how to perfectly decorate the cakesickles



    In the above course you will not only learn about the basic baking , but the science behind it ,lots of tips and tricks will be shared ,on a day of baking you can bake along  and can ask your queries in our live Q&A session  which will be   on next day of   each class

  • Medium: online
  • Start Date: 14th Aug, 2020
  • End Date: 23rd Aug, 2020
  • Time of the course: 3:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Dietary Medium: Eggless
  • Certification Provided: no
  • Freebies:
  • Instructor details:
  • Venue Address:
  • City:
  • Maximum seats: 10

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