60-Days Professional Home Baking & Cake Decorating Course

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60-Days Professional Home Baking & Cake Decorating Course

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60-Days Professional Home Baking & Cake Decorating Course
90000 15995

Proficiency: Beginners,Intermediate

Duration: 2 months

Instructor/Academy: Bakedemy
  • Course Category: Baking,Cake Decoration,Chocolates,Cookies,Macarons,Bread,Sugar Flowers,Pastry,Food Photography,Cake Photography
  • Course Description: Are you an aspiring home baker and looking for the perfect baking & decorating course that can put you success path on your home baking business? Or, You already run a home baking business, but need the best in class technical knowledge in baking, cake decorating and the commerce behind the home baking business. To solve this problem two recognized players in the Baking world, Homebakers.co.in & AnyBodyCanBake.Com joined their hands to combat this situation and proudly announce: Bakedemy's PROFESSIONAL HOME BAKING & DECORATING online Course This 60-days comprehensive course helps you learn everything that you need to become a professional home baker. The 7-module course starts on the 15th of October. The program is flexible enough to suit every home baker across, irrespective of you aspire to start or already in the business for quite some years now. Flexibility to join the complete program of the modules of your choice makes the program friendly to each of you. And to put a curve on your face we have an early-bird discount, more than 40%, for the first 50 action takers. I bet, you will never want to miss it. And not just that there are some additional benefits for those who opt for the full program. We are so confident about our program that we back it with our 100% Money Back Guarantee. There is no reason for you not to fast track yourself start your dream business now and scale it up further. Module 1 - Entrepreneurial Baking
    • Understanding the Home Bakers Industry
    • Food Hygiene in Home Baking
    • Health & Safety in Home Baking
    • How to Setup a Commercial Bakery
    • Positioning, Marketing & Advertising
    • Food Photography
    • How to Price your Cakes & Bakes
    • How to Plan & Fulfill Your Orders
    • How to Design, Pack & Transport Cakes
    Module 2 - Basics of Baking
    • Introduction to Baking, Technical knowledge of Raw Materials, Measurements, Weight & Volume
    Module 3 - Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookies
    • Tea Cakes, Muffin, Healthy Muffin, Brownies, Blondies, Types of Cookies, Cupcakes, Basic Cake Sponges
    Module 4 - Patisserie
    • Tart, Macarons, Jar Cakes
    Module 5 - Bread
    • Bread Rolls/Buns, Loaves, Soft Rolls, Foccacia, Pizza, Doughnuts/Berliner
    Module 6 - Chocolates
    • Tempering of Chocolate, Chocolate BonBon, Truffles, Chocolate Bars, Mendicants
    Module 7 - Cake Decorating
    • Whipped Cream Cakes - Round/Square/Double Barrel Whipped Cream Sharp Edges, Whipped Cream Ruffles, Edible Prints
    • Ganache Cakes - White, Brown & Colored Chocolate Ganache, Round/Square Ganache Sharp Edges
    • Buttercream Cakes - Buttercream Sharp Edges, Buttercream Flowers
    • Variety of Sugar pastes
    • Fondant Cakes - A-Z of Fondant Cake, Double Barrel Fondant Cake - Dowelling & Stacking
    • Airbrushing Techniques
    • Sugar Flowers - Wafer Paper Flowers, Simple Sugar/Gumpaste Flowers, Filler Flowers, Rose & Rose Leaves, Peony
    • Figurines - Girl & Boy, Mom & Dad, Jungle Animals, Cute Bears
    • Royal Icing Decoration - Vegan & Egg, Marzipan Covering, Royal Icing Covering, Piping, Run Outs
    • Cake pops
    • Cakesicles
    • Wedding Cakes - Designing the Cake, Ruffles, Creating and Adding Textures & Decorations
    You will be given access to the course portal where the lessons will get unlocked as per the schedule. Once the lesson gets unlocked, you will be able to watch them for a life time as many times as you may like to. The course shall have pre-recorded video tutorials. However, there will be live Q&A session(s) with the tutors.
  • Medium: online
  • Start Date: 18th Jan, 2021
  • End Date: 31st Mar, 2020
  • Time of the course: 6:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Dietary Medium: Egg,Eggless
  • Certification Provided: yes
  • Freebies: Goodies
  • Instructor details: HomeBakers.co.in and AnyBodyCanBake.com have come together to create a comprehensive learning program exclusively for the aspiring or existing home bakers. We’ve years of experience in training 1000s of home bakers in India.
  • Venue Address:
  • City: select city
  • Maximum seats: 100
90000 15995

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