Sugar-Free, Vegan, Wheat Chocolate Cake (Bake Along) [HomeBakers.co.in]

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Sugar-Free, Vegan, Wheat Chocolate Cake (Bake Along) [HomeBakers.co.in]

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  • 88/100
Sugar-Free, Vegan, Wheat Chocolate Cake (Bake Along) [HomeBakers.co.in]

Proficiency: Beginners,Intermediate

Duration: 1 hours

Instructor/Academy: Sonia Gupta
  • Course Category: Baking,Pastry
  • Course Description:

    Learn to bake a "Healthy Sugar-Free, Eggless & Whole Wheat, Chocolate Bundt Cake" from  Sonia Gupta, the owner of and Anybody Can Bake.

    This recipe is specifically created keeping all the factors of "Healthy Bakes" in mind. You don't need Almond milk or soya milk or anything complicated to make this amazing cake. You will learn how can you bake a cake without using eggs or any dairy products. You will learn how your cake can be sweet without using Refined sugar, Brown sugar, palm sugar, jaggery or any other sugar. It's a guilt-free bake 😊  that you can enjoy anytime. Not only this but Sonia will be sharing many tips to handle wheat flour in cakes.

    On purchase, you will receive access to the video tutorial.

  • Medium: video_tutorial
  • Start Date: 02nd Aug, 2020
  • End Date: 31st Dec, 2021
  • Time of the course: 7:00am - 7:00pm
  • Dietary Medium: Eggless,Sugar Free,Vegan
  • Certification Provided: no
  • Freebies: none
  • Instructor details: Sonia Gupta is a Baking Trainer, Food Blogger, Author, Recipe Creator, and Product Reviewer. A Journey that started as a worried mother of a foodie child who wanted to ensure healthy eating habits for her family grew into a passion and further into a full-blown venture known as AnyBodyCanBake. She is on her mission to help home-makers become home-bakers and learn the art of baking at home without using harmful chemicals and preservatives. So far she has trained more than 2000 people through her hands-on and online courses.
  • Venue Address:
  • City:
  • Maximum seats: 100

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