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1495 995

Proficiency: Beginners,Intermediate

Duration: 4 days

Instructor/Academy: Home Bakers Academy
  • Course Category: Baking,Cake Decoration,Cookies,Bread,Sculpted cakes,Pastry
  • Course Description:

    Get ready to elevate your baking and cake-making skills with Weikfield Bake & Cook Fiesta! HomeBakers.co.in is thrilled to announce the third edition of this four-day LIVE ONLINE learning event featuring top bakers, chefs, and artists from the industry. Join us for an unforgettable experience from January 8th to 11th, 2024, as we dive into baking and cake decorating with expert tips and tricks. From mastering the perfect sponge cake to creating stunning sugar flowers, you'll learn everything from the pros. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to take your baking skills to the next level! Mark your calendars and prepare to bake with your favourite bakers online.

    20 Live Masterclasses:

    1. Cherry Chocolate Cheese Cake by Chef Dean Rodrigues (APCA)
    2. Exotic Veg Puff by Chef Balendra Singh (IBCA)
    3. Kaju Caramel Crunch Bar by Chef Karthika Sravanthi
    4. Gourmet Mediterranean Appetisers by Chef Natasha Celmi
    5. TBC by Masterchef Aruna Vijay
    6. TBC by Masterchef Akanksha Khatri
    7. Roulade Art Design by Sandhya Raykar
    8. TBC by Mahek Mandlik
    9. TBC by Farida Taher
    10. Australian Black Pastry by Chef Zulekha Badar
    11. Sheng Jian Bao by Chef Deepali Sawant
    12. TBC by Heena Kausar Raad
    13. Hyper-Realistic Banana Cake by Suchi Dutta
    14. Cute Puppy 3D Cake Topper by Samie J R
    15. Hexagon Sharp Edges Using Ganache by Sangeeta Roy Ghosh
    16. Buttercream Frosting Techniques by Neetha Syam

    Bonus Content of 18 Recorded Masterclasses:

    1. Opera Cake Tub by Chef Aditi Goyal
    2. Eggfree Lemon Meringue Bars by Chef Karthika Sharvanti
    3. Royal Icing Cookies by Joonie Tan
    4. Mille Feuille by Chef Mohena Ahluwalia
    5. Tiramisu Verrine with Coffee Caviar by Chef Lavanya Kotha
    6. Mango Marshmallow and Pistachio Tart by Chef Dean Rodrigues
    7. Mango Rabri With Kunafa by Chef Kritika Malhotra
    8. Pistachio Babka by Chef Smriti Iyer
    9. Butter Cream Flowers by Roshini Shukla
    10. Decoding Tart by Chef Dhanashri
    11. Eggless Mango Pistachio Diplomat by Chef Arvind Prasad, Whitecaps
    12. Fluff Berry Opera by Chef Lavina Jain
    13. Cube Cake with Stenciling by Aditi Aher
    14. Fondant Figurine by Archana Mascarenhas
    15. Korean Cream Cheese Bun by Ridhima Mathur
    16. Buttercream Cake with Cocoa Butter Spray Painting by Samie J R
    17. Eggfree Persian Flan Cheesecake by Zulekha Badar
    18. Mushroom Balchao with Pineapple & Mango Salsa filled in Homemade Canapes by Masterchef Aruna Vijay

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q. Give me more details about the Weikfield Bake & Cook Fiesta. Will the recipe pdf be shared?

    Weikfield Bake & Cook Fiesta (Virtual) 2024 is a 4-day online event from 8th to 11th January 2024, featuring 20 live masterclasses by expert bakers countrywide. The classes will cover various topics such as culinary, cake decorating, bread making, pastry techniques, and more, focusing on eggless recipes. You'll have access to all 20 live masterclasses and session recordings for three months as an attendee. You'll also receive a certificate of participation upon completion of the event. Regarding the recipe PDFs, Weikfield Bake & Cook Fiesta will provide an e-booklet containing all the recipes featured in the event. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn new baking techniques and recipes from the best in the industry. Book your seat now at https://www.townscript.com/e/bake-fiesta.

    Q. I can't attend all live classes. Will the recordings be available for me to watch later? Even if you can't attend all the live classes, you'll have access to the recipes and recordings of the live masterclasses within seven days post-live masterclasses. Once the tapes are available, you can watch them for up to 3 months. Take advantage of this opportunity; book your seat now at https://www.townscript.com/e/bake-fiesta-2024.  

    Q. What are the fees, and do the fees include all the mentioned classes for three days? I appreciate your interest in Weikfield Bake & Cook Fiesta (Virtual) 2023. The Weikfield's Baking Fiesta (Virtual) 2024 fee is Rs. 995. This includes access to all 20 live masterclasses over the 4-day event, from 8th to 11th January, between 11 am to 6 pm. Even if you miss any live session, you'll have 3-months of access to the recipes and recordings of the classes within seven days post-live masterclasses. So take advantage of this fantastic opportunity; book your seat now at https://www.townscript.com/e/bake-fiesta-2024.  

    Q. Are all recipes/techniques going to be eggless? All recipes featured in Weikfield's Baking Fiesta (Virtual) 2024 will be eggless. Our expert bakers will guide you through creating delicious and beautiful cooked & baked goods without using eggs. We hope you can join us and discover new eggless baking techniques and recipes. Take advantage of this exciting event, and book your seat now at https://www.townscript.com/e/bake-fiesta-2024.

  • Medium: online
  • Start Date: 08th Jan, 2024
  • End Date: 11th Jan, 2024
  • Time of the course: 11:00am - 6:00pm
  • Dietary Medium: Egg,Eggless
  • Certification Provided: yes
  • Freebies: none
  • Instructor details: Learn from the industry's top 18 bakers, chefs, and artists - Chef Dean Rodrigues (APCA), Chef Balendra Singh (IBCA), Chef Natasha Celmi, Masterchef Aruna Vijay, Masterchef Akanksha Khatri, Sandhya Raykar, Mahek Mandlik, Farida Taher, Chef Zulekha Badar, Chef Deepali Sawant, Heena Kausar Raad, Suchi Dutta, Samie J R, Sangeeta Roy Ghosh, Neetha Syam and more to be confirmed soon.
  • Venue Address:
  • City: select city
  • Maximum seats: 100
1495 995

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