India Bake Show Cake Competition (Virtual) 2020

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Do you know, the Virtual India Bake Show is the first ever virtual bake show in India? Over the weekend of June 6th and 7th, we enjoyed 16 incredible demonstrations from artists all over the world, including India, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Ireland, Portugal, France and the USA!

Of course, no online cake and the baking show would be complete without a virtual competition and whether you are a home baker, a cake artist, a bread maker, a chocolatier or who knows what else, you were all offered the opportunity to submit your work to take part in the Virtual India Bake Show Competitions. All in all, we had nine categories, which included sculpted cakes and decorative exhibits; non-fondant celebration cakes; fondant celebration cakes; wedding cakes; decorated cupcakes; decorated cookies; a floral arrangement; bread; and even handmade chocolates! And can you believe we had over 1150 entries, from 90 cities, across 9 countries?

We had exciting prizes for winners and runners-up. Each winner will get prizes worth Rs. 32,000 and runner-up will get prizes worth Rs. 13,500 courtesy of our gifting sponsors. In addition to this, each participant gets an assured gift hamper with Rs. 250 from Puramate. 

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