India’s Top Home Bakers & Brands 2021

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India's Top 100 Home Bakers & Best Baking Brands

For the third consecutive year, HomeBakers.co.in will reveal India’s & City's Top Home Bakers ranking and India's Best Baking Brands for 2021.

Last date for nomination - 15th Dec 2021

India's Best Baking Brands 2021
City's Top 50 Home Bakers 2021
City's Top 50 Home Bakers 2021

Ranking Assessment Parameters

Last date for nomination - 15th Dec 2021

Why Should You Participate In India's & City's Top Home Bakers Ranking?

India’s Top Home Bakers ranking is a great way for the home bakers to recognise their skills & achievements and enhance their baking profile. Being recognized as one of the Top Home Bakers help builds trust with your clients and propel your home baking business.  

Last date for nomination - 15th Dec 2021

India's Best Baking Brands 2021

Home bakers use multiple baking & caking products & tools of different brands. Still, there is very limited information available on the best brands that are most suitable for home bakers based on the reach, pricing, quality and other parameters. There are hardly any review or comparison available in the market. They either buy based on a recommendation from other bakers/tutors/cake artists or what’s available with the neighbourhood baking supplier or freebies received in the cake shows/training.

Thats why we decided to identify the “India’s Best Baking Brands” solely based on baker’s experience across multiple parameters that matter the most to them.

Our Judging Panel 2021

Our panel of judges includes over 20 supremely talented global top sugar artists, bakers and chefs.

Hear From the Pros

Top Home Bakers from 2019 and 2020  have something to tell you

Nimmy Raghu
Home Bakers, Hyderabad

“My work started to get noticed and I started getting more enquiries and orders”

Juilee Sunil Desai
Home Bakers, Mumbai

“The Ranking helped to get many many more orders and a lot of students. Many people from the baking community started recognising me ”

Basabi Sarkar
Home Bakers, Bangalore

“This recognition helped me to get more orders.”

Frequently Asked Questions

There are hundreds of thousands of home bakers in India with different experience and skill levels. When a customer compares a home baker against other home bakers and bakeries while buying a custom cake, there is minimal information about the quality of the bakers’ work except for the cake listings on their social media pages, i.e., Facebook Instagram etc pages and a few customer reviews. Qualified and experienced commercial home bakers are not differentiated from the mass. There is minimal information available to consumers about their skills, experience, qualification, FSSAI registration, etc. This makes it difficult for customers to entrust the right home baker with their order and creates an imbalance in the market’s quality versus price of custom cakes & bakes.

That’s why, in 2019 we decided to identify and publish a list of “India’s & City’s Top Home Bakers” based on their qualifications, achievements, food license, complexity, finish quality & the commercial value of their cakes & bakes.

To participate in the ranking, the home bakers from India needs to fill out the online nomination form.

The baker has to be a resident of India, and a home baker with no physical bakery store. They need to upload the pictures of their 10 best creations in the form. 

Once they submit the form, they will receive an automated email notification indicating that an online application is received. The nomination process is opened until 15th November 2021. 

For any query, drop an email at info@homebakers.co.in or WhatsApp +918790910234 or +447918693896.

Home Bakers will nominate themselves by completing a nomination form and uploading pictures of their 10 best creations. We will distribute the nominated bakers amongst the 20 judges based on their skill sets. The 20 Judges will review the 10 photos submitted by each baker and score them on complexity, finish quality and commercial value of their cakes. We will standardise the marks for each judge to reduce the impact of the difference in judging style. About a third of the bakers who will the top scorers for each judge will then be scored by the head judge. We will combin the scores using appropriate weightage. We will then assign scores for a FSSAI registration, qualification and achievements based on the baker’s declared information and compute the overall score. This will give us the top home bakers at a city and the country level.

You would have received an automated email notification indicating that homebakers received the online application.co.in. If you wish you edit your response, you can edit the response via the link sent to you by email. If you have questions about your application form, please email info@homebakers.co.in .

The results will be announced on 31st December 2021.

Please email info@homebakers.co.in or WhatsApp +9187909 10234 or +447918693896 with any questions you may have about the programme. We will get in touch with you within the briefest delay.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Top 100 Home Bakers nomination process closes on 15th December 2021. No entries after the last date will be accepted.
  2. There is no cost for nominating yourself.
  3. The person nominated must be a resident of India, and a home baker with no commercial establishment for their baking.
  4. Once all nominations are received, an initial shortlisting process will be done. Nominating is NOT a voting procedure.
  5. Your nomination does not guarantee your place in the Top 100 list.
  6. The nominator consents to allow us to use the information given to us by them. This can be used for promotional and marketing purposes, amongst others. This includes name, gender, photographs, contact information, and all other information submitted in the process of this competition.
  7. These awards are remote. The results of this competition will be declared on the website homebakers.co.in. The same will be intimated to nominees via our social media pages.
  8. No request for re-evaluation of results will be entertained. 
  9. The role of the judges is to help determine the process of this competition, add their valuable inputs, and to conduct the judging with the shortlisted persons.
  10. Judges cannot be nominated for the competition.
  11. Judges are bound by these terms to maintain confidentiality about the awards process, the results of the competition and other trade secrets as deemed fit by Us.
  12. The information given by the judges in the process of judging can be used by us for creating content for our blog and social media, and all rights remain with us for the same.
  13. The decision of the judges and homebakers.co.in is final, and it cannot be questioned.
  14. Judges affiliated to any businesses or brands, will not in any way be involved in the assessment of a product linked to that brand.
  15. Lead and associate partners have no direct or indirect influence on the judging process.

Level Up Your Home Baking Business with India's and Your City's Top Home Bakers Ranking

India's Best Baking Brands 2021
City's Top 50 Home Bakers 2021
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