Exotic brownies class

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Exotic brownies class

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Exotic brownies class
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Proficiency: Beginners,Intermediate,Advance

Duration: 3 hours

Instructor/Academy: Janvi
  • Course Category: Baking,Chocolates,Desserts
  • Course Description:

    💥Online live brownies workshop💥

    Brownies,blondies,crownie,brookies..all in one workshop

    #brownies #onlineclass #brookies


    #browmnies and #blondies

    Things that will be taught in the class are

    1.walnut brownie🍫

    2.oreo brownie🍪

    3.rich mudpie brownie🍫🍫

    4.classic white chocolate blondie🍰

    5.bounty brownie

    6.cream cheese brownie

    7.mug brownie

    8.mango blondie

    9. Rose blondie

    10. Strawberry blondie

    11.Orange oreo blondie

    12.nutella brownie

    13. Kitkat brownie

    14. Peanutbutter brownie

    15.caramel brownie

    16.triple chocolate brownie

    17.instant oreo brownie

    18.sizzling brownie

    19. No bake brownie

    20. Ferro rocher brownie

    21. Minty oreo brownie


    # brookies

    5 types

    # crownie


    # sauce

    1.fudge sauce

    2.strawberry sauce

    3. Mango sauce

    4.caramel sauce

    5. Nutella sauce

    6.peanut butter sauce


    👉Complimentery recipes for homemade  peanut butter and homemade cream cheese will.be given


    Hurry up!!

    For more details whatsapp on 9872286446


  • Medium: online
  • Start Date: 05th Jul, 2020
  • End Date: 05th Jul, 2020
  • Time of the course: 3:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Dietary Medium: Eggless
  • Certification Provided: no
  • Freebies: none
  • Instructor details: I am a home baker
  • Venue Address:
  • City:
  • Maximum seats: 50
900 700

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