Coloured Ganache workshop

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Coloured Ganache workshop

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Coloured Ganache workshop
2500 1501

Proficiency: Intermediate

Duration: 2 hours

Instructor/Academy: Analee Shah
  • Course Category: Cake Decoration
  • Course Description:

    Different consistency of white ganache for

    dripping, layering and frosting

    How to achieve sharp edges with tools and

    without tools.

    Colouring the White

    chocolate Ganche

    (colours to be used)

    Marble effect on ganache cake

    : Storing, Pricing and packaging of the cakes.

    BONUS (Technique to attain sharp edges rgt


    from the layering part.

  • Medium: video_tutorial
  • Start Date: 01st Jan, 1970
  • End Date: 30th Dec, 2025
  • Time of the course: -
  • Dietary Medium: Eggless
  • Certification Provided: no
  • Freebies: none
  • Instructor details: Hello there, I am Analee, a professional pastry chef and founder of AwSm! The dessert studio. I have had a passion for baking ever since I was a child, and over the years, I have honed my skills and turned my passion into a successful career.   I pursued a certified diploma in baking and patisserie from City and Guilds London affiliation, which gave me a solid foundation in the techniques and principles of pastry making.   With more than 5 years of experience in the industry, I have made over 1200+ cakes and served more than 500+ clients till now. As the founder and head chef of AwSm! The dessert studio, I strive to create delicious and visually stunning desserts that exceed my clients' expectations.   My journey as a pastry chef has been an incredible one, and I am grateful for every opportunity that has come my way. I look forward to continuing to create beautiful and delicious desserts and to sharing my love of pastry making with others.
  • Venue Address:
  • City:
  • Maximum seats: 15
2500 1501

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