Caramel Chocolate Overload Tart (Eggless)

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Caramel Chocolate Overload Tart (Eggless)

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Caramel Chocolate Overload Tart (Eggless)

Proficiency: Beginners,Intermediate,Advance

Duration: 3 hours

Instructor/Academy: Neha Divekar
  • Course Category: Baking,Cake Decoration,Chocolates,Desserts
  • Course Description:
    Learn this Dessert from Neha Divekar, a pastry chef and baker. There are 5 different components in this dessert. Hence there will be demo of 5 different recipes and basic chocolate garnish.
    1) Vanilla sable
    2) Salted caramel
    3) Eggless brownies
    4) Perfect consistency ganache using 46%VH
    5) Nutty glaze using 35%VH
    6) Chocolate garnishes
  • Medium: in-person
  • Start Date: 07th Mar, 2020
  • End Date: 07th Mar, 2020
  • Time of the course: 10:00am - 1:00pm
  • Dietary Medium: Eggless
  • Certification Provided: no
  • Freebies: Refreshments
  • Instructor details: Neha Divekar is a pastry chef and baker trained at the prestigious Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts in Bangalore, India's first pastry school. After having nursed a long-standing dream of becoming a pastry chef, she went back to pastry school undeterred at the age of 42, and completed the course at Lavonne, training alongside batchmates more than half her age. After her graduation in 2018, she now has her own venture "THE DESSERT BAR", a studio where she crafts and concocts delectable bakery goods and pastry creations.   Neha has a keen artistic sense owing to her years of former training as a make up artist, and the uncanny knack of translating the most complicated concepts onto pastry. She has recently ventured into culinary education and now imparts knowledge to budding bakers and enthusiasts. She prides herself on using premium quality ingredients, and total transparency in communication with her extensive network of clients.
  • Venue Address: Chocolate Academy Mumbai, Chakala Rd, Hanuman Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • City: Mumbai
  • Maximum seats: 50

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