Artisan Chocolate and Bonbon 1.0

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Artisan Chocolate and Bonbon 1.0

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Artisan Chocolate and Bonbon 1.0
6500 6175

Proficiency: Beginners

Duration: 8 hours

Instructor/Academy: Briju Parthasarathy
  • Course Category: Chocolates
  • Course Description:




    Learn to create artisan bonbon and hand dipped chocolates min Briju’s Patisserie chocolate class:


    What will you learn :


    Ø Origin of Chocolate


    Ø Understanding beans, brief theory of Bean to Bar Process


    Ø Difference between Chocolate and Compound


    Ø Types of chocolates and fat contents


    Ø Tempering Techniques


    Ø Crystallisation of Ganache. Types of Ganache and temperature zones of ganache for perfect setting


    Ø Basic Tools list that you will  need to start chocolate making


    Ø Shelling and locking of chocolate with different techniques


    Ø Learn the proper way of storing your chocolate products, coloured cocoa butter and moulds.


    Ø Learn how to infuse flavours in your ganache without artificial flavouring


    Ø Learn to make your own cocoa butter colours and their application techniques.


    Ø Access to Vendors list


    Ø Learn to make French and Swiss recipes from scratch for Bonbon, Praline.


    Ø Learn to select chocolate pairing guide


    Teaser to what will be covered:


    Ø 4 Bonbon, 2 Trending Truffles ,

    1 Hand dipped / enrobed praline,

    1 snacking bar


    What will be Provided:


    Ø Detailed Booklet on Techniques and Recipes


    Ø Lunch and Refreshment


    Ø Kit consist of 2 Coloured Cocoa butter 15 ml each

    Ø Polycarbonate mould.


    Course Fees : 6500


    Course Take away : Box of Chocolates you make


    Course Timing : 10: 30 am to 6:30 pm


    Course Date : 29th Sunday February 2020


    Venue : Briju’s Patisserie Workshop

    Foresttrails township 


    5 km from Chandni Chowk 


    Pre-Registration : 4000₹ and balance on the day of the class


    Payment online : NEFT/ PAYTM / GPAY / BHIM


    Once you have made payment Please send us Screenshot on +918793514347


    Refund : IF cancellation is done


    Ø 72 hrs prior : 50% will be refunded only if genuine reasons.


    Ø 36 hrs prior : 20 % will be refunded.

  • Medium: in-person
  • Start Date: 29th Feb, 2020
  • End Date: 29th Feb, 2020
  • Time of the course: 10:30am - 7:00pm
  • Dietary Medium: Eggless,Vegan
  • Certification Provided: yes
  • Freebies: Refreshments,Meal,Goodies
  • Instructor details: Briju Parthasarathy from Briju’s Patisserie   A fine artist, a connoisseur of good taste, the Willy Wonka of Pune, meet Briju Parthasarathy from ‘Briju’s Pattiserie’ who specializes in exclusive hand-painted premium chocolates made from scratch. Bringing different, unique flavours together, Briju is also known for her energy bars, and preservative-free jams and marmalades.    Hailing from a Gujarati family, Briju pursued Home Science and worked in a pre-primary school across varied profiles, as well as in an eye care hospital, in the initial years of her life. Married to a man with refined tastes, she travelled the world over with him and explored various culinary skills and techniques, only to discover her true calling in the world of chocolates in 2014. Upon moving to Pune in 2014, her quest for good chocolates as a gifting option for some family members, left her with no choice, wondering about the huge potential there was in this niche market. As a mother of a young boy, she also felt it her responsibility to be able to give her child some pure form of sweet indulgence instead of feeding him readily available chocolates in the market, which were full of preservatives and artificial colours.     Thus, began her journey in the world of premium hand-painted chocolates. She did a baking course with renowned Russian chefs Andrey Dubovik and Chef Yulya Zales Skikh. Under the mentorship of Chef Rakesh Saini in Mumbai, she completed an extensive course in chocolate-making and honed her baking skills as well. Equipped with all the knowledge and skill, Briju established her venture ‘Briju’s Patisserie’ in 2018.    With a wide range of exclusive marmalades specially developed by Briju which include unique flavours such as mango chilli, fig and almond, pineapple chilli, pineapple coconut, tomato cranberry etc., her most unique offering are hand-painted exclusive premium chocolates. Briju makes these different flavours from scratch with absolutely no artificial flavourings and colours. Her chocolates are her art pieces which are the sweet result of her labour of love. Available in exclusive flavours developed by Briju herself, Thai Curry chocolate, Shrikhand flavoured chocolate, figs and wine, mango chilli chatka, Kahwa, tomato in a chocolate, coffee blends, lemon and rosemary, and tea blends, are some of her unique offerings. She brews these chocolates at home, carefully hand-crafted and painted to perfection.    Waiting to explore Ghana and Madagascar to go to the roots of where chocolate was believed to have been born, she also wishes to try her hand at some egg-free versions of the deserts taught by Le Cordon Blu, while also nurturing the dream to be able to make her own chocolate bar one day.         
  • Venue Address: Unnamed Road, Siddhivinayak Vihar, Maharashtra 412115, India
  • City: Pune
  • Maximum seats: 8
6500 6175

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